Hinson clutch cushions, where to buy?

I'm having a hard time finding a reputable online retailer that sells these. I need them for a 2000 yz426 w/ a PE basket.

Any ideas? even the Hinson site doesn't list them for the 426......

I think you have to use the OEM primary gear/cushion unit. Drill out the rivets holding the stock basket on and bolt the new basket in place of it. Hardware should come with the basket. If the cushion is bad, you need another complete stock gear/basket assembly to start over with.

oh boy....

I hope my stocker is in good shape then.

is this true for all the big YZ's? I swore I've read about replacing w/ Hinson cushions on the forum before.

Thanks grayracer!

On my Honda they where toast, When I replace my clutch basket with the PE unit I bought the hinson cushions. I know on the newer yamaha's they have cuchions, but didn't the older models have springs??


The 2000 has springs, not sure of the other years.

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