kant decide wat exhaust sytem to choose

i have just recently bought a 2001 wr250f and was wondering wat performance exhaust would give me the most power and still sound nice.

choose the one that leads to better spelling habits. :naughty:

Wrooster-You need to come on out here to the desert in SoCal to get some travel out of those forks! :naughty:

hooked on pooo-hon-ics worked for me,LOL

what pipe gives the MOST power?

Loud ones give the most power! :naughty:

what pipe gives the MOST power?

Loudest of course! :naughty:loudest exhaust system available.

Dr.D will be good with noise levels as close to stock. Or Pro-Circuit 496 pipe or FMF Q,WB with quiet core and Yoshi also with quiet core,pretty much any pipe will give the WR more power than stock, it's the noise you don't want. Especially, if you ride trails or some tracks that have a noise restriction.

i have a white bros aluminum series on my bike (for 350$ on motosportoutlet its a steal, costing 600$ regularly) and its WAY better then the Q i usta have on it (i have a 03WR250F) more power everwhere, donno if the sale is still on but you can get the MX-4 for 320$ and its the same thing as the Al series w/o a header....neither have a spark arrestor but they sound bitchin

A Dr.D on the 250 actually produced more power and torque than the louder jardine system .the bike produced 19.5 pounds of torqe and just over 36 hp with yz cams a higher compresion piston one of my bored carbs and some porting along with good fuel .

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