Basic Suspension Setup Website? Anyone?

Hey, thanks for helping me out! I'm 165lbs and am picking up a used KTM sx520 tomorrow. (:eek:Yes, that's one huge bike for 165lbs, but it's the right price and I'm excited about riding a KTM.) The one complaint I've heard most about KTMs concerns their suspension. I'm a suspension novice and would like to know about any good web sites that could help me learn more about suspension in general or, more specifically, pds suspension. Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! This is great stuff. I'm not sure if I'm ready to tear apart my forks yet, but if I do I'm sure you'll see more posts! :naughty:

Im not sure what you mean by "big bike" considering what the KTM 520 wieghs...those things are pretty dang light by any standard...

Try talking with the guys at Ace Suspension. They can give you some good information on settings and adjustments.

They specialize in Husky and KTM. :naughty:

Les at did my forks, he's on the West Coast. A huge diffrence in performance for my riding style/terrain over the stock setup.

Good Luck! :naughty:

try race tech

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