Mx Starts

Is anyone using a holeshot devise? I am considering getting one. I need all the help I can get.

Not presently, but had one and about to get another. Acerbis make one thats 1/4 the price of EZ Holeshot and works just as well. As for wether they work, I cant recall seeing a pros bike without one in a long time. YES YES YES. Hell Yes they work.

They keep the front end pointing down and make it so much easier to light up especially on an opne class or 250cc class bike.

Thanks for the reply.Who carries the Acerbis unit.I haven't seen one from them.I have a Yamaha 450f. and they have alot of torque.I used to ride a 125 smoker and believe me when I say starts are much different.

Does anyone know who carries the Acerbis unit condog mentioned.I would like to try one.

If you cant get one in the US in Australia have them for $69.95 AUD which is about $54 US plus a couple of dollars postage. Or you could email and see where you can get them in the US.

I did a search of US search engines and found the folowing acerbis stockests

I dindnt search the sites to see if they had the part but im sure they can get them

i run the works connection unit on my bikes, works really well, i run mine pretty high though so i have to have someone help me set it

they do work, but only on dirt starts.

if the track you race at has a concrete start, dont even waste your time and money with one. it will do absolutely nothing, for some reason on the concrete it just doesn't hook-up like it does on dirt.

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