Kientech Fuel Screw Install???

I got my Kientech Fuel Screw from Shop.TT and there were no instructions in the box, and I can't find any online..

Is it a simple matter of unscrewing the old one, and screwing in the new one, or are there any "Suprises" like springs flying across the room?

Do you have to modify the float bowl?

Thanks - hopefully, I don't have to drill anything.

Remove the plug covering the fuel screw (drill and remove with small screw). Remove short fuel screw and replace with Kientech Fuel Screw that makes it much easier later on the trails.

I pulled the plug when I did the jet kit, removed the stock screw which was actually only .5 turn out. Replaced it with Jesse's.

Nevermind - it was really simple

Spring > Washer > O-Ring

2 turns out seems good for a cloudy day...

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