Street Legal DRZ400E ???'s

Ok guys, I did a search and found some info but I'm just not getting the answers I think I need. My original plan was to buy a DRZ400S at the end of the month, but I was just offered a DRZ400E that has all the necessary mods to be street legal. Here's a couple of questions, first and foremost I know the E model has a higher compression, what Octane fuel should I be running, I know that 91 is acceptable according to Suzuki but is it really?? One of the reasons I was getting this bike is to cut down on fuel costs from driving my truck at 14MPG :naughty: Also, I'm just looking for a basic pros and cons list of why I should get the E model. Any disadvantages? I liked the idea of the way cool LCD panel on the S, but it's not really important to me. Anyway, let me know what you all think. :naughty::D

"E" or "S" :naughty:




I wish I had bought the "E". It is more nimble, lighter, easier to ride and much more powerful. If you can plate it in your state, and are doing lots of dirt ridding buy the "E". If you are not doing lots of dirt ridding buy the 650 class of bike. The "S" doesn't make for a good street bike. There are many posts here on the differances. A good thread on the "dualsport" forum asking this same question. If you are young you might find the DRZ an acceptable sometimes street bike, but once you get older it doesn't work. My old Yamaha DT-1 was much more comfortable on the street. Gear spacing was better(DRZ is way to close ratio), seat was comfotable etc. The "E" is dramatically better dirt bike and will do acceptably next to the "S" on the street. Good luck.

I have a plated DRZ400E in NH as well... getting the plate is no big deal at all here. If you want to ride allot of dirt and mainly link trails then get the E, it is a better dirt bike than the S. How ever, if you want to do long trips or commuting/touring get a DR650 or similar as mentioned above. The E is no fun much above 55mph especially with nobbies... I kinda talked my self into thinking it would be an ok commuter, and I was wrong. It is more of a chore on the street than anything else. That said it is an awesome dirt bike that is still pretty fun for putting around town. Good luck


Ya, I plan to use it in the dirt as much as I can....on the street will just be for commuting basically. NO insterstate riding, only under 55mph roads. Mostly in town and ride out to my dad's land where I've got some trails. I'm also 6'4" 235lbs so I dunno if that makes a difference or not. Sorry to ask S VS E, that's not really my question....the real question is about the octane gas I should be running and if there are any disadvantages to plating an E and running it on the road.

I have a DR-Z400E that is street legal. I run premium gas from the pump and it runs great, no need for race fuel. Premium is about a dime a gallon more expensive, and I can trail ride for 2 hours and use 3/4 of a gallon. :D The S model should have premium gas in it also, I don't care what the manual might say. IMO Trail Tech makes a digital speedo that is "must have" bling. :naughty:

I only ride my E to trail heads less than 15 miles away, more and I'll trailer it. I was hoping it would be better on the roads, but it's not a great street bike. Tires and gearing are OK, they get you there, but if dirt is your priority then it's by far the better choice. If you're 50/50, then maybe the S? :naughty:

well I think I'll be putting quite a fair amount of street time on it, but like I say they will be short rides, work is 1 mile from my house, and everywhere else I go is under 10 miles. And I do want something with good off road capability. What makes the S better on the road? If it's the deathwings, those would be coming off anyway.

Anything that makes the S better on the road - tires and gearing mainly, are cheap and easy to swap to an E.

It's not cheap or easy to get the performance of the E from the S - carb, compression, weight loss, etc...

In my opinion, you'd be far happier with the E, I know I am 100% happy with my choice of the E, and I ride about as much street as you plan to.


It's not better on road. It just has diffrent carb. to run leaner to pass EPA. It has a lower compression ratio so you can run 87 octane. If New Hampshire will let you convert it to street leagal, but if you can it's the way to go.

ya NH will easily let me go street legal, thanks guys I think I got the answer I needed......I'm exchanging emails with the guy as we speak!!

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