Big Bore kits for kxf/rmz's

Starting to wonder about fitting a bigbore kit to my little thumper, has anyone here fitted one, and what sort of changes did they find.

Think here are a couple of the cheaper ways to go are:

Forward Motion 262cc ($375.00) and can have head totally done at same time for about $800.00 (head and 262cc) w/ KB SS valves and hardened lifters.

Muzzy 280 cc is about $450.00 after cyclinder exchange

Parts Unlimited (Athena) 290cc (special built cylinder w/larger cooling jackets) $650.00

No personal experience with reliabilty with any of them.

I have a 262 kit in mine, you notice the displacement pretty easily, as far as reliability go, I havn.t had any issues, would do it again in a heartbeat, there is no real magic to getting it done, milleneum tech did my cyl, stock head gaskets and base gaskets work just fine, wiseco or pro x both provide a stock compression piston for them, you will need to go up at least one size on the pilot, good gain for the money.

if you had to estimate how many horsepower you gained, what would you say Art5, or anyone else who has fitted one.

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