Front Forks !!!!help!!!!

I have an 05 yz450f and I am have trouble getting the suspension balanced. The rear feels good but the front feels soft. Any advise on what i should do w/out sending them of for springs and valves. OH i weigh about 205 and I'm 6'2'' :naughty:

They are supposed to feel soft.

Are they bottoming?

Describe what you mean by soft.

They bottom a little but mostly when i jump the bike stabs in the air (nose down)

Did you have a 2 stroke before this bike?

Yes i did ??? what are you thinking????

You are probably letting off the gas (slightly) on the face of the jump.

With a big 4 stroke you have engine braking that will affect the bikes attitude off the jump. A 2 stroke will free-wheel when you let off the throttle. Try keeping the throttle on until your rear wheel is off the ground.


I did role on the throttle on my 2 smoke but with this new bike I blurp the throttle a little on the face of the jump still kinda intimidated by the bike. So you think it is me not my suspension??

So you think it is me not my suspension??

I'm no expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :naughty:

Give it a try and get used to the bikes characteristics before you "jump" to conclusions.


Hey, Thanks I think i will try what you told me but i am still going to fiddle with the suspension some. Thanks

I'm no expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :naughty:

AWSOME!!!!! :naughty:

Usually when I jump off a smooth face jump I just stay steady with the throttle and just ride off the lip like I was just riding forward, maybe some preload if I have to...

you might be able to stiffen up your compression dampening to slow down the from end . But I think your bike is flying funny b/c you have to use the throttle on the face a little more . Bike control is a little different on a 4 stroke . Good luck

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