Forks interchangeable???

I posted the other day about my outer fork tubes flaking. Got several responses, thanks. Still unclear as to which forks I can replace my 01 426 forks with. I think from what was replied 98-03 will work. Does this include 250's 400's and 426's? or only the 400/426's. Thanks

Any fork from a 250 pinger, 250F, 400F, 426F, 450F up to 03 will work. 125 pinger forks may work also, but if you get 250F or pinger forks, you'll need to swap out the springs.

If it were me, I would go farther, and use all of the internals from the 426, the damper cartridges, base valves, as well as the 426 springs, so the rates are all appropriate.

Or, basically, just use the upper/outer tubes from the "new" fork if it was from another bike.

Thanks Guys, that is what I was looking for. I do intend on just replacing the tubes with all of my guts. I was able to cross reference the part # on the Yamaha website to the other years. Thanks for the info again!

Take a look on the TT For Sale - somebody is selling some 426 forks for $250 (if I recall). They'll fit just fine

you have to be careful with the caliper mounting. The earlier forks (pre 2000) are different.

Its a tough question to answer. If your asking abotu the fork uppers, anything from 96 to 03 will work. The 96 and 97 are slightly larger on the bottom clamp, but just enough to be different. If you find a set of cheap 98 forks...go for it.

The caliper mounting changed once in 98 and it sounds like it changed again in 2000. This means nothing if your only going to use th eupper section.

you have to be careful with the caliper mounting. The earlier forks (pre 2000) are different.

Are you sure they didn't just change the caliper bracket and not the fork leg?

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