Juice Clutch?

Has anyone tried the Magura Jack hydraulic clutch on a WR450F?

I did not see a specific application listing for the WR, just the YZ450F. Is it the same?

How much lighter is clutch pull with juice actuation? Whadaya' think?

I haven't tried one on a wr, but I did ride a ktm 450 for a couple of days and it had one. There didn't seem to be much differance on the clutch pull to my wr426, but I've been told they are very nice since they are self adjusting, But I wasn't sold on it, I think the money could be spend on better accessories like a steering dampner

Instead of going to a hydraulic clutch, go to a Rekluse! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!!

I have the Rekluse Z-Start Clutch on my WR450. I previously had a juice clutch on my WR400 and can honestly say there is no comparison. Go with the Rekluse. :naughty:

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