Ok so the stock tires is awfull. I was wondering what kind you guys ride? I chunked two centerknobs an one side one on the first ride. The worst part is it wasn't even that good in the really soft stuff.

I run dunlop's 756 RR ( Race Replica) it really good in

soft terrain

What kind of riding do you do, I live in the california desert and I killed the tire that the bike came with. I then put a Dunlop 739 series tire on for the hard pack dirt. Looks like it will last.

I do alot of desert riding and some track. When I ate the stock tire I was out at ocolillo wells.

i run a Dunlop D756 on some tracks, and a Dunlop D756RR on others

Hey thanks for the info. I decidedt to try a set of michelins and are they awesome!! I put the m12s on it and ran 11 1/2 up front and 11 in the rear and they were great at the track that I rode today. It had everything from soft silt corners to hard pack corners. They also handled the abuse that this gives out.

The front tire is not bad. I run mine (On a different bike) at 15 psi instead of 14. It sticks like glue. never slides out. Maybe the rubber compound is not perfect, but I believe the larger size is a step in the right direction.

I wish you guys would send me your unused stock fronts. I am a whore for tires.

Why do you guys hate this tire so much? I would love to hear specifics. I too love my 756 RR. Even at Rocky Mountain prices this is a dammed expensive tire . I believe the 401a works as well, for me.

I dont want this to be an arguement. I just want a decent answer when people notice my tire...."Damn, thats big...any good?" Yes, I like it, but have seen several people that hated the tire. They said.........."

I want to try the new dunlop 952 rear tire. A 756 with grip that lasted...yea, right.

RCannon, the front tire was not horrible it just wasn't a confidant feeling tire. That is one thing I have to give the Michelins is they are confident feeling. They also are very predictable. As for the back I just sucked! It slid out very nice but didn't like to come back with footpeg weight. It also chuncked very nice on the first ride. You might want to try michelins maybe starcross'. That is what My 426 had and they were excellent.

I have used the Michelins before. I really liked them. My problem was mounting and changing them. This was very difficult as they felt just slightly undersized.

Any of you guys used the new Pirelli MT32F front tyre ?? I find that to be one of the best tyres for MX I have ever used. Maybe not on rock hard stuff, but on anything slightly softer than pure rock, it works really well. Maybe not the most durable though, but hooks up really well.


I used wd40 to mount them and they slid right on my rims. I found that that works better than soapy water. I mounted them both by hand at home and them done in 1 hour, with taking them off the bike and putting them back on.

Try the Michelin Starcross MH3, they are awesome, if you like M12's you'll love the MH3's

I just put on an M77 and M78 :naughty:

Guys, 756RR is the best alaround set of tires ever made! I have tried them all and the 756RR front is like having glue on your rims! Especially on early crf450s that turn terrible even with clamps! But they do not last long at all, I mean hardly at all especially the front.

Flyn Ryan

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