What is the Fuel Screw Plug for?

I am finally going to do the 3X3 mod to my 03 S. To do this, I understand I must get access to the fuel screw which is covered by the fuel screw plug.

What is this plug for? (anti dirt/ anti tamper) Does anybody replace this plug?


while I'm not sure what the intent of the plug was/is, most here remove it and then replace the sunken fuel screw with an aftermarkent piece.


The plug is due to EPA regulations to keep people from tampering with the fuel mixture screw and changing exhaust emissions.

Thanks for the answers guys.

So this I kinda like removing the label from your mattress.

Once you start down this slippery slop of lawlessness you never know where you may end up. What will be next for me: Cow tipping?

....What will be next for me: Cow tipping?

Don't even think about it!! I was into that for awhile, got really good at it too. Then one dark night instead on tipping sideways I decided to try tipping backwards. Unfortunately my buddy was behind the cow. It was UGLY!!! Finally made us see the error of our ways. My bud still has flashbacks...

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