CR85 Forks have arrived!!!!!!

I ordered the CR85 suspension kit from Reger Engineering a couple of weeks ago and I have been patiently waiting for the delivery. Today, my doorbell rings and it's the delivery guy with 2 out of the 3 packages. Can't do much with the forks until the other box arrives with the triple clamps and other parts. He couldn't tell me much besides, "maybe it will show up later this week." Oh well, the wait continues....................

Cheers, :naughty:

Well, 1/2 hour later the door bell rings and it's the delivery dude again. "I went back to my warehouse and found the other box", he says. Anyhow here's the complete package--->Forks & Shock I am so stoked!!!! :naughty: I was supposed to go riding today but I haven't heard from my buddy yet, I have to work at 5 pm and it's getting to late in the day to go riding now. I guess I will have to break out the tools....... :naughty:

Cheers, :D

what do they do to make the rear shock fit... what do they machine or change... looks stock...

sweet :naughty: suck, I wish I could afford that...or a new bike :naughty:

have fun :D

Please tell us the cost!

I think reger wants $1695

lets see some pics of it on the bike. does anyone out there already have this modification? how does it affect the bike? is it worth the money?

I am sure it will look good but still needs work to be correct for most riders... the springs and valving are for a lighter bike and younger lighter riders... so all new springs and probably revalved for most users... still killer parts... just a killer price :-)

I just think it is unfair of him to not point out to everyone that these forks are not made for this application and need several hundred dollars worth of parts and labor to work right...

My 2cents worth...

fyi - I didn't get mine from Reger, but I'm running BBR springs (for the CR80, which are .42 I believe) and they are awesome (the springs). I ran them without revalving. You'll bottom a bit if you really go for it, but not that much. Actually, I only bottomed when I made a mistake. I changed the oil weight to 10wt. and they don't bottom anymore. I know that doesn't make much since, but what I realized is that with the 5wt oil, I was blowing through most of my travel, just to start. The heavier oil really oddly kept it up in the stroke more. Whatever. I'm not a suspension guru. I just know it now works good. Revalving would probably be the better, but I didn't want to do $170 to get that done and this works.

Right.. I have the 85 forks with BBr springs on my bike too... I also used 10 wt... I have not been to the MotoX track yet... but it does great on the flat track...

The cr85 stuff up front and the Works shock in the rear is a killer setup...

lets see some pics of it on the bike. does anyone out there already have this modification? how does it affect the bike? is it worth the money?
CLICKY Here's a photo of my bike. Check out "my garage" for more pics. I just finished the modification this afternoon. Hoping to get out for a ride tomorrow, will report in after the test flight.

Cheers, :naughty:

looks good. i have crf 230 and i want to get the fork upgrade. let me know what you think.

I need stock 150/230 tripple clamps w/stem for "03-05". Let me know if you want to get rid of the stock stuff. thanks, blurider58

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