Petition Drive @ Caineville 4/23-4/24

Hello Everyone!

The worst erosion in Utah is the erosion of our rights to equal access to our public lands!

USA-ALL is circulating petitions to stop SUWA's :naughty: attempts to, yet again, take away our rights to use public land in Utah. We will have a table set up @ Swingarm City @ Factory Butte on April 23rd & April 24th. Please stop and sign the petition to stop SUWA from closing down the Factory Butte OHV area and to stop them from further eroding our rights.

Please stop by, say hello, get some info about USA-ALL and show your support for equal access to public land in Utah! :naughty:

I can't make it out that weekend. Is there somewhere I can download, sign, & mail-in?

Where do you live?

Cedar Hills (near American Fork)

Duff Shelley Kawasaki in AF & Trick Toyz in PG both have petitions & USA-ALL news letters.


bump :naughty:


Are you the new girl with USA-ALL? Whether you are or not, thanks for getting out there and trying to make a difference.

You know you are the second person to ask me that :D I kinda wish I was her...she gets paid :naughty: I am just the average dirtbiker chick who was moved to action but the stupidity of enviroMENTALists. :D

I am so stoked about tomorrow and Sunday :naughty::D:D

Hope to see some of you there!


I won't be able to make it, (going to be riding a new trail that is part of the Dick Brass Trail system) Is there any place near Price, UT. I would be able to sign a petition?

Raegan, what part of utah are you from?

:naughty: I am from Orem, Utah.

I talked to Mike Sorensen from USA-ALL last night and he said he found an internet company that does on-line petitions. He is going to email me the link.

If you are an early bird, I will be driving through Price around 4am tomorrow morning....on the way to Caineville. :naughty:

In the mean time, I have the PDF file of the petition. If you would like, I can email you one and you and anyone else that would like to can sign it and snail mail it back to me. PM me your email address if you would like me to send you one electronically.

We will be running the current petition until mid July, so don't worry if you can't sign right now. Let me know what I can do to help you.

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