250R exhaust on X?

hi. Does anyone know whether the motocross crf250r silencer/end can will fit onto the standard crf250x header pipe? any gains to be had other than getting rid of that ugly standard pipe? theres one to be had locally on uk ebay so if ya could please let me know soon it would be really appreciated. Thanks guys

yep that is the combo we run, x head pipe and r can, great mid range with good top.

All of the '04 - '05 X and R head pipes and silencers will bolt on to an X in any combination. I'm running an R head pipe and silencer right now.

Yeah do it,The R pipe really changed my mates X... There seemed to be more midrange & maybe a little more over-rev... I didn't like the power delivery of his X as a standard bike but after the R pipe was installed... I really thought about buying a Honda myself... So that speaks for itself. :naughty:

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