TDC starting!

I've heard every stupid method for starting a 4-stroke and tried them all. Sometimes my XR250 will start on a few kicks using the method of first getting it to TDC..most times it won't.

I'm convinced kicking from TDC is the way to go. Can someone please just clear up exactly how to find TDC?

Slowly kick the bike over until you find the hardest spot in the stroke. That's TDC. You want to push the lever just beyond TDC (you'll feel another stop point. It's easier if you pull the compression release in when moving the lever beyond TDC), let the lever return to full up and kick it hard all the way through the stroke.

When cold I pull the choke on, turn the idle up a few turns, pull the compression release and kick through the stroke 10 times. I then release the compression release and move the lever to the point just beyond TDC and give it a kick. It starts first time every time.

When warm if the bike has been sitting for more than a very short while I'll pull the compression release, kick the bike through 3-5 times, find the spot just beyond TDC, release the compression release then kick it. It starts almost every time first kick.

If I dump it: Compression release in, throttle wide open, kick through easily 10 times, release throttle and compression release, turn idle screw up about 2 turns, find the spot just beyond TDC and give it a kick. Usually starts first kick.

You want to push the lever just beyond TDC (you'll feel another stop point)

Ahhhh, good. I've been going to the right spot then...

On my bike the hardest spot in the travel is followed about an inch later with another hard (but less so) spot, and THAT's where I kick from.

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