WR250f Power Questions

Hi all. I am considering a new bike next year. I currently have a DRZ 400S. It is a good bike but I am looking for something lighter. I have not had a chance to ride a 250f yet. However the bike has a nice feel and fit to it. I am sure the 450 does also. I dont think I want something as big as a 450 and have though about a 250. In all honesty how is the power of the 250. I weigh about 180 and would call myself an intermediate rider at best (always trying to improve). Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

I have a 03 WR250, I weigh 178lbs. I love the way the bike feels in the woods and it has good power. The only time I miss having a bigger motor is on long loose hill climbs. I live in PA and we have alot of coal strippings.

I went from a 99 XR400 to a 03WR250f, I was worried about the drop in size also, power wise anyhow, I had never had a 250, went from a 100 kawi when I was a kid to a 360dt yami, then to a XR600, then to the XR400, so never actually had a 250 of any sort, so was worried about power always having a bigbore really, well this is my second year on the bike and I love it, the only time I really miss the bigger power is maybe in a open field section in a HS race where the bigger bore bikes pull me, but not that many big open areas in the races I run, so its not that big a deal, the bike has plenty of power in the woods and the weight diff saves alot of energy, and it is easier to handle in the tight woods sections, its been a great bike....I think you would love the 250 once you get one and spend some time on it learning its tendencies, I have been happy with mine anyhow... :naughty: I did the free mods and have a YZF pipe on mine and I just added a steering stabalizer and the Z-start auto clutch, so it should even be funner(easier) to ride...The free mods really do help bring her to life..



For what it's worth, I'm 165 lbs and I'm an intermediate rider at best also.

I have an '01 DRZ400S and got an '03 WR250F last year as well. I like the 250, it seems so agile and light compared to the Z, I'm already considerably faster on the 250. That being said, it needs more power, I really miss the low end of the Z when I'm on the 250. My WR has the free mods, I've geared it down to 12/52, opened the air box, re jetted and have the DR D exhaust. I'm now looking into a big bore or a YZ cam because it's just too slow down low (see my post "250F needs more power" in this forum).

The WR is a great bike but coming from the Z, I think you'll be disappointed in the low end.

Good luck!

Yeah, the low end isn't much so keep it near the mid range, plenty of power there and first is low enough you should be able to tap the fat mid range in almost any climb situation, especially with a 12/52. If you're in a desert situation or running through the gears at full tilt all the time, you'll want a 450. For woods riding, the lighter 250 is hard to beat. :naughty:

Thanks for all the information. The DRZ is on its last days :naughty:. The DRZ is just a little much in the trails at time. That weigh does get to me. I have done my best to put the DRZ on a diet but I guess it is big boned. I am in the process of looking for a nice WR250 now. thanks again all.

Oh yeah got to love TT. I have learned more at this site and have meet some of the nicest people around. You all rokk!

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