125 for first bike?? Good idea or no?

I have been lurking around here for awhile and posted a few times, but I am a rookie to the sport. I am interested in getting into riding. I will mainly be riding around the Hill Country of Texas on ranch roads, fields, etc. I do not plan on going to the track at all, not for me I don't think. I have a good friend who has both a 1999 RM 125 and XR 400, both in cherry condition. I have ridden the 400 a couple of times with no problems at all, pretty forgiving really. It is heavy as hell I do know that. Next time we ride, I plan on riding his smoker to see what it is like. I have been looking at used bikes and I can pick up a late model 125 for pretty cheap, while the 4-strokes are a bit more pricey. Should I be looking at 2 smokes or maybe a XR 200/250? I had considered a YZF 250, as everyone seems to like that bike a lot. Any thoughts would be appreciated?

Hey, I think if you feel comfortable and stuff on your friends RM, then go for a 125. They are made to be going really fast so i think a field would be better riding conditions than trails. But if it were me, I wouldnt pick a 2 stroke racer for my first bike. I'm about to get a 125 now, and i have been through a coouple bikes.

Oh yeah, a YZF250 would be more managable and i wish i could afford one.

I think your best bet is the ride both the 4 stroke and the 2 stroke. I am partial to the 4 while my son loves his YZ125 because of how light it is. My son is already talking about a 250 2 stroke for his next bike.

I'm not sure what part of the hill country you're in but I just moved away from Kerrville after living there for a couple of years. I'll suggest that you get in touch with the local dirtbike club (San Antonio area) because there is nowhere else to ride within a few hundred miles. That said, I would strongly consider a dualsport bike or a dirtbike capable of dualsport use (dr350, xr400, etc). It's sad but EVERY piece of land in the area has a fence around it. A 125 won't be much good for exploring backroads but dualsporting is GREAT in the hill country. PM me if you'd like more information about riding areas in the hill country

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