taking a step up

I know i've posted this before but I'm going to reword it.

Is going from a kx100 to say a YZ125 a good step up?

Not knowing anything about the Kawie, the YZ125 is a great bike. I stepped my son up from a TTR125 to the YZ and it was a great move. It is light and quick for his size. He is 15 and about 140 lbs.

Im 15 and about 145 lbs. The KX100 is a 2 stroke racer pretty equal to an 85. Maybe I should step up to a 250? If he went from a ttr to a yz.

You sound as if you have a bit more experience then my son. I tought him how to ride about 3 years ago on the TTR. The YZ125 was a natural transition for him. But before you decide, try out a 125 and see what you think.

Sounds like a good idea, i'll also have to ride a 250. I'm not sure if that would be to much. I'll have to find out. The KX100 is my 3rd bike after my z50 and my XR80, I used to be really short also, then i grew over winter and the kx is tiny.

I haven't ridden a kx100 but when I was a kid I went from a kx80 to a kx125 and was dissapointed in the 125's power. Those little screamers are FAST! I would think that the kx100 would be about as quick as the 125. You should ride the 250s (2strokes) and then decide

What kind of riding to you do, MX or Trails? Just asking because I went from a KX100 to the KTM 200MXC which is a great bike. I am really happy with the power change....tons more. They don't make the MXC anymore 03 was the last year, but they have the EXC for trails and the SX for the track. If you were riding trails you should check out the EXC since it is set up for that with the flywheel, ignition, bigger rads and tranny. I am sure the YZ125 or 250 would be an awesome track bike. I hear those bikes rock!!!!

I ride a 125, started on one. My friend let me ride her KX100 once while mine was being fixed and it felt like a mini bike to me at 5,5" WAY too small. I'd say if you are around my height it would be a good thing to step it up to a bike that you fit on properly for body positioning!

I'm leaning towards a 250. I'm not sure what year or model but what would be reasonable? I was thinking around like $2000 for an 00 or 01.?

One of my friends went from a kx100 to a yz250. He loves the bike and was definetly the best choice for him. He switch when he was 14, now 15. I even like it, but not as much as the DRZ. I went from a ttr125l (had 2 years) then a xr280(melted end of first year) and now have a DRZ400e. I'd say get a 250.

you should look into a 250f there kinda a middle ground between a 125 and a 250 2 smoke.

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