So you want to ride pits? Learn the rules!

The first rule of pit club is you do not talk about pit club.

The second rule of pit club is you do not talk about pit club.

The Third rule of pit club is you do not talk about pit club.

The forth rule is never go to any pit that you do not know the riders.They do not want you there, you do not know the tracks or the rules. Do not go. If someone brings you, you will only go with that person until they know you and welcome you.

No quads period. If there are bikes then no quads. Just no.

Ride the track everyone else is riding. Do not deviate or cut over. There are riders going fast and they do not need to worry about you.

Park where you are supposed to park. Go at the designated times. You will know when you join pit club.

Do not block fast riders passing you. Get out of the way or you will be injured accidentally.

Remember rules 1-3.

To join pit club ride in legal tracks and you will eventually meet up with someone from pit club. You will be asked then.

Do not violate the rules of pit club. the consequences are severe.

Thank you


Location: Manitoba

Canadian rules not valid in the lower 48 states.

hmmm :/ &%$#@! IS PIT CLUB

He could tell you but he'd then have to kill you (Rules 1(a), 2(a) and 3(a)).

Haha Why Did He Even Post That. Now He Is Going Have People Wondering About It

Canadians and their gay rules :naughty:

yeah this thread was pointless and who cares? anyone at all?

i think he must've been lost:excuseme:

All I have to say to youse guys is go rent fight club, and your lives will be changed.



i care

i dont want any new yorkers in my pits so if you aint a local we give you the boot or we make you feel not welcome.

even the locals piss me off

the pit i ride was pretty much shit until me and my boys started digging out hits and fixing the lips on some of the jumps. Of course everyone wants to ride there now, no work no play!

i dont want any new yorkers in my pits

What, you allready hate me? :naughty:


I know that you guys probly put time into the pits and keep em in shape but people like me are just lookin for some where to ride since we got nothin else.

st3ve, I can agree with "no work, no play" but if you guys don't own the pits, why not co-opt some labor instead of making enemies?


You guys should be real threatened by st3ve, all 5 feet 3 inches of him. Hell, the only reason he has a 125 is because a YZinger isn't that good in the sand. :naughty::naughty:


you are pit club...................

you all will care if you violate pit club.....................................................................................................................................................

Will I Really Care.


I'll bring my bucket and shovel.............If you let me into pit club!!!!!!

I am lowering the cones on silence now............Where is the pit?

I can also be met in secret behind the johnny on the spot at NJORVP..............

Sorry to deviate here but...I've always been curious. Doesn't all that sand mean more rebuilds? That's gotta wreck havoc on some parts, No?

st3ve I rode that pit before you were born. Now I'm back riding with my son and found a sweet parking area there. See you soon. I'll bring my shovel

a club? childish? i agree no work no play, it ain fair for others to wreck stuff and beat the track, if they do they should help rebuild or not ride there, but a club? are you serious?

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