connecting rod-wrist pin tolerances

Hi I'm new to Thumpertalk so I'd like to start off by saying hi. With that being said here goes. I recently bought my son an 05 CRF250 on the very first ride something hit the left side cover draining most of the oil. We all know they don't run well without oil. The motor didn't seize but was on the verge of locking up. The cam,valves and rocker arm looks o.k. but the piston,rings and cylinder were scored. $$$$ and the first payment wasn't made yet. What I would like to know is what the tolerances between the wrist pin and connecting rod should be?

Thanks for the help.

i am queer and i always measure all this stuff, on each bike i do , and i have a 250 appart right now and this one measures right at .0006 thats 6 tenths, i have seen some on a brand new 250 that has not been run that are .0004 tenths,

you should be able to tell by looking at it if the pin and or rod is hurt !!

i am queer and i always measure all this stuff,

Let's keep the personal details out of this.... :naughty:

J/K da man... :naughty:

oh boy i did not relize how stupid that looked and sounded, ---- :naughty: , oh well ,

man ive got to figure out how you guys make the little quote box work.


Thanks for the replies gentleman. I have nothing against alternative life styles if you ride your alright by me.

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