Yamaha TY350 opinions

Any opinions on a clean ty350 trials bike. It weighs 180 and is not like a new bike, but for $600 seems like a good bike to try out. I sold my 74 KT250 a few years ago and miss it.

Well, my dad had one, and before I got my Honda, the TY was what I was going to get. From what hes told me, their great bikes, and alot of companys still make parts for em.

I was looking at a 1980's TY 350, and the guy selling it wanted $1100. So yeah, for 600 bucks, I say go for it.

The TY350 Mono-Shock was a sweet bike!! I've seen a few that had problems with the hubs in the wheels coming apart or corroding away.. If it's straight, it's a great deal.. This is an easy bike to learn on and forgiving!

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