Stripped plastic?

Question: Is there anyway to fix stripped plastic?

What do you mean?

Well on my DS kit the conrtoll switch mount is stripped, and the screw keeps coming loose..

Retap it. Or can you fit some type of nut behind it?

maybe fill it with machinable epoxy. then drill and tap. jack

probably not a permenant fix but I have taken a screw and wrapped a layer of electrical tape around it and then screwed it back in...seems to work O.K. as a temporary fix.

Duct tape! Works every time!

In the past I have been able to melt some similar type of plastic into the stripped hole. Heat the screw up, screw it in all the way with out tightening it and put it into a freezer. Once it cools you can unscrew the screw and the threads should be useable again. You can also use a larger diameter screw with a deeper thread.

In another post someone suggested to put a nut on the other side, This will work only if there is no vital parts in the path of the screw to the outside. If not you could put the two halfs together and drill through the back side with a small drill bit the size of the screw threads. Drill a counter sink hole on the back side (countersunk hole should be smaller than the nut but bigger than the screw hole) you could then melt the nut into the housing by screwing it onto a screw that is long enough to let you heat the nut away from the housing then pull it into the plastic so it forms the hex shape recession that will hold the nut from spinning and have the right alignment for the screw. You could then finish the hole by melting more plastic over the nut if you are able to sink the nut in far enough.

Zip Ties!!!!lol

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