SIDI Offroad Boots

I am very interested in purchasing a pair of SIDI Raptor or SIDI Discovery Boots. However, before I buy I want to try a pair on. I have tried to go to SIDI websites with no luck in finding local dealers in Northern Georgia. :naughty::D

Can anyone help me find a dealer in my area?

Thanks in advance.


I recently moved this thread from the general forum due to the lack of responses. I'll try again in the DR-Z 400 FORUM :naughty::naughty:

I have SIDI Flex Force boots and I am very happy with them. Good luck on the hunt.

I want to also try some sidis they look good..... it will be hard to beat tech 8's.

I have the SIDI Discovery Boots, and they are a great dual purpose boot. I had a difficult time finding SIDI dealers that had any stock around Nashville.

Try this site to locate a SIDI dealer:

Good Luck

Flex Force SRS.... simply the best!

I have had Sidi and Alpinestar motocross. I also have a pair of Sidi road boots, and they feel like a running shoe. For me I can say that Sidi is a better fit. I wear a 10, but have big calves on top of long thin shin bones, and small ankles. The Sids give me all the support and I can still move my ankles to work the controls. :naughty:

The new Vector or Tech 10's by Alps. resemble what Sidi has been doing for a while. As everyone said, they are hard to find. They are so damn expensive, no showroom can afford to stock up on 'em. Just go try on a pair of Tech 8's. If you dont like the fit, you will love the Sidi's. :naughty:

I had a pair of sidi flexforce. There is no boot out there that offers better ankle support. I really liked the feel of them, but the plastic on the tops would dig into my calves. This started to bother me on long rides. I adjusted the plates out to there widest settings which did not help any. I have since sold them and purchased a set of tech 8's which I am totally happy with. On a side note, I don't ever remember getting wet feet with the sidi's. I would definately recommend trying them on before buying.

Sidi Raptors here, I like the fit but would spend the money for better ankle support next time by buying the "force" boot. I also don't like the plastic cam locks they use on the buckles. If you don't get things lined up just right you can tweak the little tabs out of whack. The Raptor is probably a better dual sport boot than a dedicated off road boot.


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