Speaking of 2strokes - Big Bore CR?

I don't know where else to ask this question. :naughty:

I have a chance to buy a 1982 CR480R in perfect condition. Runs great and only needs a rear shock rebuild.

The guy wants $800 for it. Good price for a classic?

It depends. Are you looking to buy it to have a conversation piece and maybe vintage race it? If so, that may be a fair price. If you are just looking for a bike to ride, I would say spend a couple hundred more and get a mid 90's 250. Parts will be much easier and cheaper to find and they will be more enjoyable to ride.

Those are great bikes for what they are. Brakes suck and it does not turn all that well but the motor is excellent and the bike is comfortable. Good easy trail bike. I had one and liked it. It is what it is and for an older bike its a good one.


I had an 84 CR500, nice power but it's like a switch:

On or off, no in-between. Heavier flywheel will tame it a bit.

$800 is a little steep, is it left kick?

The shock rebuild will cost another $200-$300.

the power on the 82 480 isnt as radical as the 84 500. I've ridden both..and the 500 was brutal!!!

My 480 had a sweet motor, great bottom good mid and no need to rev it. Smooth and powerful.

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