Need 2005 XR650L Tire Advice Please!

Hi guys, I have a 2005 XR650L. I LOVE it. A really nice guy from these forums helped me do all of the modifications in my signature, but now I realize I need new tires. I'm running the stock ones, and clearly they suck.

So far, almost all of my riding has been on the street, but I will be taking it on a lot of dirt rides in the near future. Desert rides, logging road rides, that sort of thing. Probably not a lot of mud, but loose dirt and rocks, etc.

Can someone recommend good tires for me? I also don't know what sizes to get. Any help is MUCH appreciated! Not sure what other info you need, but I'm about 6'4 230lbs.


2005 XR650L. Air snorkel removed, FMF Q2 pipe, smog junk gone, Keihin 158 main jet, 55 short pilot jet out 2 turns, needle shimmed, holes drilled out to 5/32, K&N filter, thermometer dipstick, etc...

Terra-Flex, Terra-Flex, Terra-Flex. It was made for the BRP. Just watch out for the unexpected hook up

The 140-series MT21 is quite good as well, a bit better-mannered than the 'flex, and might be a better choice if you're more of a fire-road man than a mud-n-sand kinda guy.

The terrorflex can't be beat for all-out hookup, though!



I've got a '03 650l with 16k and my best recommendation is the IRC GP110-Its got all the road you can ride and is surprisingly a very good dry dirt tire.its also very quite,durable(approx. 3000mi+),gets great gas milage. Its truly a dual-sport tire.--Good Luck

I just put a Teraflex on my bike a few days ago and only ridden it like 5-6 mi.


It showed wear after only minimal mi. because of very soft composition

Its deffinatly much more suited for dirt thrashing and rock tossin' versus street thumpin'

It makes the bike a few inches taller, which is a pain since I am 6ft 0in.

It doesnt feel as fun and comfortable on roads like a good Dunlop etc.

I am gonna put some dirt on it this weekend and am sure it will shine big time in the hills...but if your planning to log a lot of street riding I wouldnt buy one.


The 'flex tempers a bit, and the rate of wear goes down quite a bit.


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