I'm a graduate of 2 smokers... new bike pics

This is it.. my new Husky! Even my dogs like my new Husky! :D



:D .................Need I say more???




:naughty: To all of you in this TT forum and Husky forum.. you all helped me make this decision (I'm sure my ego had nothing to do with it). Now a proud Thumper owner! Sold the 2 smoke.. bring in the 4 stroke! :naughty:

a Husky is allways a dogs best friend best toy Congrats.

Nice bike. Those dogs look very proud.

the dog on the right has that constipated look. You need to slip him some 10w50, loosen him up a little.

Oh, by the way.....gorgeous bike. Yrs ago I had a Husky 250XC and loved it. Bullet-proof.

Great pics! I'm loving the dogs too. Bet they love chasing you on that funny sounding bike! :naughty:

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