2005 fork leak?

I think my seal is bad on my 2005 YZF. It has a whopping 1.5 hours on it. But I am not sure how bad it is or even if it IS truly bad. It seems to leave a thin flim behind, but nothing more. It doesn't drip to the ground or even to the bottom of the fork tube. It just leaves a film. Not much, but definitely more than the other tube, which is dry. I tried twice now to run film around it. I tried a tear-off once too... No better, no worse... Should I try again? Should I ride it some for a bit now to check for improvement? Will this problem fix itself? Should I get a new seal? Is this common on these bikes? My 03 KX 125 while not as fast or nearly as good, never ever needed a new fork seal. It never leaked at all!!! Any help would be great.

I just bought it brand new two weeks ago too, so if this might be worth looking at under warranty, or if anyone has tried that, let me know that too!

same deal on my 2004 yz250f.

i had a puddle of oil under my shock after the first weekend on it.

Called the dealer and just said i was bummed that the fork seal was leaking, they said bring it in and they would replace it.

30 day warranty deal.

they said they usually don't do this but i was polite about it and didn't yell.

You sure it's not a grease film? The oil will leave definite liquid on the fork. There is grease packed up under there to try and catch the dirt that gets by the first black ring and it's usually packed with enough to leave it sitting at the bottom of the fork travel on the tube.

Positive... had the wiper off to try the film around the seal trick. Its leaving a thin film of oil, but never runny

Usually, a bad seal will leave a puddle of fluid on your garage floor.

and the oil will run down the shock every time you compress it. your front wheel with be covered in oil and dirt too.

John,I think that it is just grease.You going to Evansville this saturday?I will be there definally but will only be racing if my bikes done(blew it it). :naughty::naughty:

If you think i could be Dirt or someother obstruction in the Fork Seal, try using a Film Negative and slide in into the shock. It is small enough to not hurt the seal and also could get out any dirt or other matter. I tryed that on mine years back when it was leaking and it stopped. Or if it is really new maybe the dealer will take care of it.

I tried all your ideas, but the film remained on the forks, so the dealer is taking care of it. He said that it was not acceptable, so they would fix it under warranty. What a great dealership... SSR Powersports, Castle Creek NY!!! If your in the southern tier of NY or Northern PA, thats the place to go!!!

Thats good your getting it fixed.

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