For all who deal with jetting...

I got out to the track on Sunday...all fired up to race...then my bike doesn't start. I was so pissed. It started perfect a few days prior. When we did get it running it kept gunkin the plugs. We took it home ('02 yz426)and started fooling with the carbeurator. We moved the clip up one groove on the needle. Then I turned the pilot screw about 2 1/8 turns out from closed. We tested it out and it started and ran great...there were a few pops on decelleration at first but those stopped after it was good and warm. I'm writing(typing) this just to see if this worked for anyone else. Also I'm wondering if going up one groove on the needle from stock will make it too lean. just let me know. I know jetting changes with temperature and humidity so it might only be something I can know. Also, what are some long term bad effects of running to lean. let me know guys, but like I said it seems to be running better than it has yet. Thanks in advance for all your replies.

If I'm not mistaken, running too lean will caue your engine to run too hot which then may cause premature wear. I don't think only moving the clip up one position could cause a dramatic problem... specially if the bike ran too rich before.

Again, I'm not the guru here but if I'm not mistaken, the fuel goes though the main jet before going through the needle jet. The way I see it, bigger main with needle down(clip up) or smaller main with needle up (clip down) are approximately equivalent when at mid throttle... I mean, it's not just the needle..

If the bike runs better, can't be bad...

Now let's hear the gurus :naughty:

If it is "gunkin the plugs" I assume it is running too rich....... :naughty:

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