Some pictures of my DeCal Works pre-prints.

They went on fairly easily with some soapy water and a heat gun. No bubbles anywhere!

So far the bike has a Works Connection skid plate, D.I.D. X-Ring, Pro Moto Billet end cap and Race Tech springs.

I'll post some more pics one of these days when the make-over is complete. She'll soon have triple clamps, FleXX bars, Magura clutch, some sort of exhaust system, Excels, Talons, Buchannon or Bull Dog spokes, JD ket kit, and a bunch of other miscellaneous crap.




I figure someone will ask me about the truck in the background of the bike pics, so here's what I use to haul my bike around. Chevy Silverado - 6 inch Fabtech suspension lift, 16" X 8" Weld Racing Stonecrushers w/ 4 5/8" of backspacing, 315 x 75 x 16 (35 inches tall) BF Goodrich Mud Terrains, and HyperTech computer programming. It will soon get a full exhaust system and 4:56 Auburn gears with a locker in the rear diff.


Nice and Nice :naughty:

Thanks. :naughty:

Nice rides NorCal. :naughty:

Must be a biatch to load your bike with it that high. :naughty:

Thanks Fred! :naughty:

Yeah, it can be a pain to load the bike. I have used a bike stand or tool box as a step if I was loading the bike by myself. My bike ramp is about a foot wide, and about 8 feet long when it's unfolded. It makes it a bit easier to throw the bike up there.

Nice bike and great subject a bit, being the truck is so high, why not use 2 ramps??? one for the bike one for you to walk up next to the bike while loading, My truck is just 2 wheel drive so sits nowhere near that high ofcourse, but I just feel its safer to use 2 boards/ramps in loading the bike, this run and jump into the truck I see guys doing reminds me of a broken ankle waiting to happen if they miss, or vice versa, when unloading and jumping out of the truck...anyhow nice pics..


I have thought about that. I have even considered getting something like an ATV ramp so I could walk next to the bike as I was loading it.

The downside is ATV ramps (even the folding type) take up too much room in the bed of the truck. Well, that and my strong hate towards quads would prevent me from buying an ATV ramp. :naughty:

Double Nice! :naughty:

Josh #00

I have had guys comment on "Why you got 2 boards" just ride it up in there!!!! I just figure I am trying to be on the safe side loading and unloading I guess, heck when I load it up, I let the bike do most the work, drop it in gear and ease it right up with almost no affort, course if the boards are wet then thats another story :naughty: still have to be careful loading unloading, but I think its safer with 2 boards/ramps, hate to maybe get hurt unloading(twisted ankle or worse) unloading the bike and miss the chance to ride I guess..... yeah the atv ramps might be alittle I just have 2 boards with some metal grate looking stuff on them for alittle traction, just thinking thu,,,as high as your truck sits, even 8 foot boards would still be a pretty good climb(incline) into the bed, still I figure don't mess up the ride loading or unloading the bike... :naughty:


Double Nice! :naughty:

Josh #00

Thanks. :naughty:


I rarely ride alone, so for the most part there is someone either pushing the bike up to me already standing in the bed, or vice versa. I have ridden bikes into the bed of the truck, but I only do that when I am able to back the truck into a low spot, like a hole or ditch.

It's not a big deal to me, because there is always someone at a track that can give me a hand, and most of the off road riding areas around here have some sort of loading/unloading dock or ramp.

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