Calling Rooster again!


I know you're busier than a one armed paper hanger but do you have any plans for a 'pipe protector' for the 250/450/510's? I found out the hard way that the left header pipe that crosses the frame is pretty vulnerable, especially to head on tree shots! Anyway just wondering :naughty: ....thanks, Lee

OUCH :naughty:

Hey, I just caught this thread. Please send Kelly (Rooster) your questions directly via Email on his site or call him. TT banned him for responding to anything regarding his company. They are also not going to let him advertise here anymore so he CAN respond because he answered questions between advertising campaigns. It's a mess, he hates it and he is just trying to do the right thing for the DB community but his hands are tied.

Just a thought Thumpertalk about forum for dealers and suppliers and let us ask questions to them if we want with the knowledge of knowing who they are. I am not afraid of their opinions for there products to shine thru since we are all buisness people to some degree. Let us decide for ourselves. Personnally I have never met Kelly but thought his answers to ideas were just what any of us would do if we had the talent to make products. He was respectable in his answers and provided good feedback on products for us. I wish we could ask questions to all suppliers and dealers onthis forum so we could help their products become better for us and them. Just my opinion....I hate to see knowledge wasted and locked up.

I can tell you personally about being banned. I posted info about a race team I belong to offering pit service for the upcoming Baja 500. All my messsages were deleted at once within a few hours. Not knowing what happened, I posted them again. A day later, the web site coordinator contacted me and told me if I ever put a post like that on here again, I would be banned from signing on.

A forum for manufactures, race teams, and so forth would be good. Steny :naughty:

TT bans folks because they respond to Qs about their products?

That's a bunch of crapola! Guess I'll have to take my parts/accessories business somewhere else...

(Sounds a lot like a sportsfishing forum I used to frequent!)

Buugaaack (Rooster sound) :naughty:

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