My Playground

damn....that´s a nice farm :naughty:

I live on a farm to, but my backyard is more a garden...swimmingpool and shit :naughty:

alltough i got some sweeet places to ride on :D


thats just not fair... it should not be legal for you to post such beautiful pictures of that back yard.

On a second note do you need a 27 year old son?

it looks like that little plastic container on your deck rail is full of weed.... Are you really that lucky? Should I move out there?

Cool =)

I would like to wake up to that in the morning


Gotta love this country hey HuskyGuy. Where abouts are you roughly? I am near Port Macquarie, 4hr north of Sydney and it looks similar to the landscape around here. :naughty:

Like this

and this


This is my back yard Outback Australia style. Finke Desert Race Alice Springs :naughty:

I live about 1 1/2 hours east of Melbourne, Victoria. My actual backyard is a little over 40 acres & the back fence is the state forest. :naughty: riding's good hear...

Spectacular! You guys are fortunate to have some beautiful country to ride...keep the pics coming.

no wonder Chad Reed is so good!

man i need to hit the lotto so i can live large like that..

you guys definitly have a beautiful place to ride and live :naughty::naughty:

I'll be there one day before I die (don't worry, I'm not dying anywhere yet),

but when the kids have flown from the nest I'm gonna take a tour: Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth-Darwin-Derby-Gove (special memories)-Brisbane-Sydney. Wanna see Ayers Rock too. :naughty:

You have a beautiful country.

Awesome pictures. I live in Los Angles county, California....and all I have out my back windows are condos, and traffic! 1 1/2 hour drive to ride any where decent. Husky_guy, you should change your name to Lucky_guy!


:naughty::naughty::D:D I wanna ride there :D:D:cry::D

Nice pics. :p

Wanna see Ayers Rock too. You have a beautiful country.

It's worth a look, oh! by the way, it was renamed awhile back it's name now is "Uluru" (pronounced "ooo la roo") it's was given back to the native aboriginals. You can still visit but need to pay a fee into the park. :naughty:

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