XR400R vs. WR250F

I will be turning 15 this month. I have been riding an XR400 for about 4 days now and can handle it well but was wanting something a little more modern like an mx crossover bike. I have been riding a CRF150F for 2 years. I will be riding trails and plenty of open fire lanes. I am 5'6" and weigh 115 lbs. I know they have about the same horsepower. I also know that there is more aftermarket support for the wr. The XR costs $3200 and its a 2002 model and is in great shape. I am not sure about getting a wr. Any help would be appreciated. :naughty:

In my opinion the xr is an antique in a few years people will be retiring them and selling them to collectors where the bike will sit in a garage never to be ridden again. But if you want the positives and negatives of both, the xr has a lot more tork which is nice for the tight trails and steep up hills that you can just tractor away on. The xr also is significantly heaver than the wr. The xr is about 275 pounds, while the wr is between 228 to 239 depending on the year. The wr's motor provides about the same peek horsepower as the xr after the free mods. The xr's top speed is higher than the wr's for those fast fire roads. My girlfriends dad has an xr 400 and his biggest complaint about it is the weight, also the xr is virtually bullet proof where the wr is very reliable compared to today’s 250f it is no mach for the xr. My honest opinion is the xr's were yesterdays four-strokes the wr is today’s.

As a former XR owner, I must admit that they just don't turn. You will thank yourself for getting the more modern design, and your girlfriends dad will wish he had one too. Better suspension big time.

Too bad Honda scrapped the XR. They should have taken the aircooled bulletproof motor and put it in a CR frame.

WR250Guy is right on in his description of these bikes. I still ride an XR400 and think it's a great bike, but I'm over 50 and it suits the riding I do most of the time. I ride regularly with a couple 18 year olds, one of which has a WR250F. I can hang in there with those guys just fine until it gets rough. The XR just gets to be a handfull in the woops and any kind of jumps. I can easily trounce them on the fast smooth stuff, but that's just not as rewarding as easily keeping pace all the time. Bottom line is that you are young, light weight and have a lot of new stuff to discover in your riding. You should get a lighter more competent bike like the WR250F that you can learn how to take on challenges instead of just surviving them.

man those 18 year old you ride with motoyoyo sound like pretty hot stuff i would hate to have to ride with them they might just kick my but on the trails

I rode XR's for years, the latest being an XR350. They were cadillacs on the trails with soft suspension, and tremendous reliability. Torque like a tractor.

Now I ride a WR, and don't think I'll be going back. I got to the point where I wanted something more "flickable" and the WR has that in spades compared to the XR. The WR takes a little more maintenance, but it's definitely worth it for the fun factor. The WR handles better, goes faster, has better suspension and is much lighter.

The XR is basically bulletproof and has buckets of torque. Good bikes, but I have a lot more fun on the WR.

Ya, WR250Guy they are pretty quick as long as they stay on the trail. They're lucky the old man is riding an antique bike that he dusts off ocassionally to ride with them.

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