Now I'm Red and Blue

Its better than black and blue. I just picked up a fully streeted XR650R to go with my WZ 420. I now have that big cruser bruser for long extended rides out of my garage to complement my Yamaha. Helps keep the miles off the WR. So I'v been preoccupied in setting up and breaking in the new toy. As aways I adding a few required goodies to the big red machine.



I know you have already did the carb mods. Tell me, how is that low end torque?

A few years back, I took an XR600 on an MX track. Although much heavier than my CR250 Honda, I thought the bike rode surprisingly well. Even some MX racers who were watching me commented that they were impressed at my lap times.

I WAS impressed with the bike.

I've got a buddy in California that I grew up with. We converted a Honda 250 4-strk to a mx'r in the 70's and a couple of years ago, while visiting California. I visited him, he tok me out to his shop to show me his new bike. It was a XR600 fully mx'ed, hand made titanium pipe, removed counter balancer, big bore kit, porting, etc, etc.

After a ride on it around the neighborhood and a few months later, I owned the WR.

Can't wait to see pics of your bike Clark. I'm sure it's trick! or going to be :)



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

I've seen the 520 exc yesterday at a dealer, seems great. Why didn't you bought that machine instead of the 650? The 520 is lighter, has as much power as the 650 and the ergonomy looks better.

Let me guess, because the 650r should be bullet proof (as all the xr line) then more reliable thane the unknown 520 (reliability wise). Furthermore, the 650 is heavier with a softer suspension, making more confortable bike for long ride instead of a cross or a tight trail mxer. Another big issue, the xr must be a lot less expensive, if kept stock, than the 520. Last thing, I would presume that the 650 has a generally stronger motor, making a better bike for adding performance modification.

Many people may say that the 520 is a better bike than the 650, but I can see a ton of reason to choose the 650 instead of the 520. And I am sure Clark has excellent reason. Hope we'll have comment on that bike here or on the new xr650r forum.

P.S. Your megamax 2 is still doing a great job, thank again :)

Question for you clark, I went on the Eric Gorr's site to look for a head job, may be porting and 3 angles valve job. What should I expect in term of power gain with that kind of job and what is the best mod to do first.

Yz timing, complete megamax (6 disk and quiet core) air box cover removed.


The big XR has my vote as the ultimate dual sport candidate. I suppose a DRZ would be second but I’ve never ridden one.

I’ve never raced moto and have only been on a few practice tracks but, on a very muddy one, I did as well on an XR (stiffer sprung, Scott’s, uncorked, Yosh pipe) as my YZ, traction was hard to come by and the YZ was bouncing off the rev limiter approaching the big double (yeah, like 40 ft. max.) while the XR carried its mo. with less rider effort.

You don’t notice the weight until you overextend, awesome brakes and precise steering help a lot here. And that big couch of a seat is muy comfy for long rides.

In short, I’m jealous.

As for the KTM, IMO putting blinkers on an RFS would be sacrilege. It too easy to lift that thing into your truck and haul it to your riding area…

Ever have Scott Summers come up behind you? I've been in a few races that I was lapped by him. Its like a thunderstorm coming at you. You hear him long before you see him. Then he just disappears.

Sorry double post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it as light as an XR4? Honda 2000 catalog printed a Claimed Dry Weight of 122kg which is similar to that of an XR4.

136kg dry according to Australian tests.

1 kg heavier than the XR600


Ever wonder what the big XR would run like with an FCR carb?? :)


This big Honda is a fantastic ride for dual sporting. It is much easier to ride a long ways on than the WR as it is much more comfortable has endless torque, outstanding on road (street or dirt) maners and a true 100mph out of the box with a few minor mods. It is vary predictable and as solid as a brich sh*t house. It will never be as good as the WR on tighter trails and true through the forest riding but as a scoot I can ride out of my garage in dual sport mode it would be real tough to beat.

I got a excellent deal on this bike it was street legal right off the show room floor. This is in California and its a no hassel ride as far as the DMV and the California Air Reasouces Board (CARB) are conserned. One of the primary reasons I bought it plus the Honda rep for reliability. It came with a Baja Designs kit installed by Baja Designs etc.

I feel I have the jetting nailed and will be testing a few mods I accomplished this week.

*De Smog (removed the Smog pump and all the hoses) and installed a XR's only block off kit

*White Brothers R4 pipe

*XR's only backfire screed

*Scotts top tripple clamp, Pro Tapers Magrath Henery bend, moved my dampener from my WR

*Uped the fork springs from stock .43 to .45

*Uped the Shock spring from a 9.5 to a 10.5 I over shot on this one will end up with a 10.0 or a 10.3


*170 to 175 main (Stock was a 125)

*68S pilot jet (Stock was a 65S), you need to run the "S" jets and they are availabe through Honda and not Kehin

*The Honda Power up needle a B53E No. 3 from the top.

Fuel screw at 1.75 turns out from seated.

Now I have two excellent rides and having a blast.


In our Australian Thumpernats series (natural terain motocross), a guy won it on an XR650, he beat YZ426's and KTM 520's.

Not a bad bike with a bit of work.

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