Im looking for the right pipe for my rmz450

Im looking for a pipe for my 450 and i race HARE SCRAMBLES AND SOME MOTO. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE HELPFUL.


I just put the new FMF factory 4.1 Slip-on, on my bike! I will get back to you with a ride report

I like my Yosh slip on a lot. Especially the removalbe spark/sound arrester.

I put the full system yoshi on mine. It helped the bikes bottom end and pulled better all the way threw. Plus Suzuki and Yoshimura work together I'm sure Yoshi has had lots of time for testing.I'm sure FMF and procircuits pipes are good too.

I bought the Yosh Slip and inserts for mine

I'll agree with the Yosh. complete system, Carbon if you like bling bling. It will deffinetly increase the mid range a ton. :naughty:

last mounth i had tested a slip on canister from CHM and picked up a full 3.5 hp @ peak and over 5 hp @ 10000 plus rpm i talked with Steve @ CHM last night and he confirmed my results and is working on a new system .i have one pro rider here in michigan and he is using the yosh system with good results .

what about Dr. D?

The Big Gun runs awesome, more lugability for trail riding plus more bang on top. You cant go wrong wththe price either.

I talked with the editor of TWMX last weekend who has an RMZ450 and he has the Two Bros.complete system. He liked it best of all the pipes he has tried because it adds lots on the bottom...right where he wanted it. Ask around to see where exactly each pipe manufacturer has their power placement for your bike, before you buy and are disapointed because the power placement is somewhere in a band where you don't alwasy ride/race the bike.

the two brothers is a VERY loud pipe


I also talked to Corey Neuer who tested all of the pipes for this months Dirt Rider. He said he liked the WB Carbon best then came the Two Bros. He thought it was a great pipe. No way to quiet them down though.

I went Yoshi so I can drop in a quiet core if I want to go to anywhere that they sound test.

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