coolant overflow issues

hey all,

when i recently motarded my drz i flushed out the coolant and replaced it all with some engine ice. i bled from the left radiator, and from the that bleeder on the front of the engine. i rode around and it filled up my overflow like 3/4 of the way.

i cooled it off, topped it off, but the issue is i keep having to do that. i seems either air is trapped and i'm just filling it wrong, or i'm overflowing and it aint going back in. one time i drained the overflow and topped of the radiator, but within 5 miles of riding it was back up to 3/4 full. i fear overheating or just plain dumping coolant out. i was on a 60mph left hand sweeper when the rear stepped out big time and i think it was from puking coolant :naughty: thankfully i avoided highside.

i've also noticed that after cool down, even days after, i hear a vacuum sound when opening the radiator. so maybe it can puke it but it can't suck it back up? bad hose or hose routing?

any guesses?



Have you tried bleeding the air from the bleeder bolt on top of the Rad?

Mike - :naughty:

Have you tried bleeding the air from the bleeder bolt on top of the Rad?

Mike - :naughty:

:naughty: After a quick re-read, sorry, I guess you did. no more guesses from me.

Mike -

yeah i tried bleeding twice when refilling. i'm more concerned that doesn't suck up the overflow and i get some kind of vacuum in the systems since i hear a whooshing sound when opening the next day when it is cool.

any other guesses :naughty:

could it be a faulty cap? are your running the kx 500 cap?

hmmm, that makes sense. what year kx500 cap should i get? i'm not keen on kx's and don't want to explode the parts counter moron's mind.

any one else think this is the cause or have any other suggestions?

i think you might be right tho.



I would guess cap too... or the return line is kinked, so that pressure from the rad is let through, but vacuum actually seals the kink more... ??

and yes, be careful around those parts counter guys, it can get messy when their heads explode

I got the box outside, I will get the part number for you later :naughty:

thanks! :naughty:

hold up,what mods to the motor?

thumper 440, but only their piston, not the sleeve. bored, nic plated and built by jesse. has yoshi cams, E base, still has acct, but from the ATV model. currently running S carb, and jesse airbox. jetting seems fine.

it has blown a head gasket or something before, jesse lapped the head to seal it again. i get no white smoke now or no idiot lights.

even when the bike has only run for 7 mins it can fill up the overflow, but it doesn't seem to be overheating. once it fills up to 3/4 or so i can't tell if it's dumping or staying in there. i think some might be dumping, but it's not like a huge amount. even after i stop non of it keeps puking.



head gasket leaking again.

have the head and cylinder check for straightness.on the new head gasket spray it with copper coat and let it dry.

use new head bolts.

ah crapola. so why does it not suck the coolant back in and create a vacuum in the radiators?



because its pressurizing the radiators.

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