Questions about exhaust for XR250L (93)


Found this on EBAY today. header pipe

Made by Sudco for Ontario exhaust.

Will this fit my '93 250L? I think it will but don't want to buy it if not. I know I'll need an XR muffler as well to go with it.

Thanks in advance,


Yep that header should fit. But you will need the tail section from a XR. The 250L had a smaller diameter head pipe. Good luck.

There is another post of someone with an L looking for headers. I mentioned to him that with the larger diameter pipes you will lose some low end torque but gain some mid and upper range power. If you ride open ground you might consider the change. I ride tight trails and like the low end torque so I limited my upgrades to grinding the header welds and removing the baffle. The torque is still there but the engine breathes easier.


When I had a 250L I added the XRs Only Tail Section to the stock header pipe. Added a K&N air filter and rejetted the stock carb as per XR's Only recomendations. This made a world of difference on the bike. I could usually pull hills a gear taller.

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