XR250 tank cracks

Well, I took the plunge and bought a 2001 XR250. Rode it for all of 5 minutes so far.

I noticed that there are cracks in the fuel tank in one area, but no fuel is leaking. Are these tanks double wall or something? Is plastic weld going to make a lasting secure "stitch in time"?

I checked eBay, but discovered that there are different shapes for the stock tank over the years. Anybody know what year tanks will be exact replacement for the 2001 and also maybe what years would be close enough?


1996-2004 will fit the 2001. The '96-'99 are white. '00-'04 are red.

Given that a clarke tank for the xr250R also fits the XR400R - then you can also purchase an XR400 tank - 2000 or newer and it will probably fit your xr250r. The capacity of the XR400 tank is listed as 2.5 gallons - the XR250R tank capacity is listed as 2.4 gallons.

You could also just purchase a clarke tank - which is 3.8 gallon capacity for $170.00 - www.clarkemfg.com.

There were just two xr400 tanks on ebay for starting bid of $50.00. Punch the following into the search field in e-bay to find them...

(xr400*, xr + 400*) tank*

- jeff

You can just get it welded.. any good pastic wedler can do the job. Use a piece of an old fender as a rod and let him do the job.. it works well.

Looks like I'll be keeping an eye on eBay - thanks. I think I can borrow a plastic welder if I can't find anything else faster.

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