97 Cr250 Gearing?

Can anyone give me some advise on what sprockets to run on this bike for the open desert. I know this is not the ideal bike for this type of riding but got this on a deal I cound not pass up. Anyways I am going to turn this into a back-up to my DRZ400. After my first ride on it I have to say this thing it is pretty good but the gearing is way to low for the desert. My DRZ walks away from it on top end. I am sure that the proper gearing will take care of the problem just need to know what combination. Any advise is appreciated.


15/46 if your motor's in good shape AND you're riding in fast terrain.

I would just go 1 tooth bigger on the front. There is no way to tell what is right for you it is mostly trial and error. Look at it this way the more sprockets you have the more gear choices you have to choose from. Going bigger on the front makes it easier on the chain.

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