i was looking at the new yz 450's 05

i was looking at the 05 yz450 do they have a lighter frame then the cr450 or what the diffrence i asked this bozo at the dealer and he couldnt tell me i think he was smokin crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the frames are about the same. The yz is weighs more because the engine is a little heaver do to the 2 cams and 5 valves instead of 4

Dry Wieghts claimed by manufactuers, according to thier websites.

05 Honda CRF 450: 218.5 lbs.

05 Yamaha YZ 450: 220 lbs.

Dang, 1.5 lb difference is not that much now that I think of it, aluminum isn't all its cracked up to be.

EDIT-Forgot the .5 lb on the Honda, had to add it.

Another good thing about th yz's frame is that it holds 0il that allows the oil to get out of the engine and cool down and that help you engine stay cool and produce more power, also it helps on the rebuild time

yea the guy at the deal he couldnt tell me anything about the 2 so i was like ok how can you work at yamaha dealer and couldnt tell me anything

I lot of the sales people don't even know how to ride. They just repeat what they hear . Mostly a bunch of crap. The aluminum frame is great not all that much lighter but they lower the motor in the frame and this make the bike feel lighter . The steel frame is better in my opinion for privateers b/c it last more than one year . If you race and you are competitive you change bikes at least every 2 years min and maybe use last years bikes for practice bikes well that what I do . With aluminum frames this is a must in my opinion because the frame fatigue more than steel . So the one season frame would be aluminum . We will see just watch for cracks . Some times I think I would take the extra 1.5 pounds to ride a bike longer .

Does anyone know what the minimum weight limit for the 450's are?...

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