rekluse clutch adjustment

Installed a Rekluse clutch on an 03 yz250f. The clutch works great but after 5 or 10 minutes of riding it starts to creep while stopped and in gear and sometimes stalls when at rest and in gear, I have tried every adjustment between the clutch cable tension and perch adjuster. It's hard to shift into neutral as well. It's like it needs more cable tension but I have tried that. It seems to get better when it cools down. The clutch still works great while riding. Everything is checked and rechecked according to specs/instructions. I have called Rekluse on this as well. I have installed 2 on CRF450's that work flawlessly.

Any suggestions? Maybe 1 narrower clutch plate? :naughty:


doesnt creap on my wr.

did you modify the clutch hub?

the extra holes seem to keep the plates covered in oil better. :naughty:

What type of oil are you using? Stock clutch plates suck by the way, that could be your problem. Honda CR125 plates work much better than stock Yamaha plates.

I use silkolene 20-50. What is the cluth hub mod?

Actually, I think the clutch type makes a little more difference than the oil. On mine and the stock clutches, I couldnt get the creep out of it. With the Honda clutches it has worked great.

hey, what year/model/etc honda plates were those?

Put 8 new CRF250 friction plates on and works perfect.

Thanks for your help.

Isnt it crazy how Honda plates work better than the Yahmaha plates. :naughty:

I just went all out with my Rekluse rebuild on my 02 YZ280f:

8 new Honda CRF250 Frictions,

6 new Yami Drive plates

A Hinsen inner boss (to go with the Hinsen Basket that was already there.)

I set the clearance at about .037 for starters.

It feels great so far, instant hook up, and I can shift into neutral while I am stopped. So far so good...


It was perfect! With the new friction plates I was at the minimum at .035". it worked perfect, should break in even better.

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