Travis Prestons 450 Questions

Wondered what type of mods that the average person has access to are done to Prestons bike. The reason I am asking is because he is taller like myself than most pro supercross riders. Lower pegs?, Taller seat?, Taller bars, if so what bend?, anything else that could be done to make the ergos better for taller people. Any help would be appreciated.

I dont think he runs extremely tall bars (CR HI). He does have a tall seat and lowered footpegs. You can buy all those products..thay just wont be works honda.

The Pro-Taper Pastrana bends are the highest bars you can buy. I think fastway makes mounts to lower the pegs 10mm, or there is something about flipping your mounts... Adjust the sag and a taller seat, too.

i am about 6'3 i have the renthal Jimmy Button bend bars and they are great for me would not ride with anything else. pro tapers suck. as far as the pegs they are fine for me on the track if i do any trail ridding i get a little cramped up.

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