450R...Should I?

There is a nice 450r for sale near me. The price is around 4500. Its got factory connection tuned suspension, pro tapers, asv levers/perches, dunlops, and thats all i noticed. What are you 450R owner's input on this bike? It's an 03 i believe, although it could possibly be an '04. I will look at it more tomorrow. But, I am 5'11" and 160 lbs. Should i sell my 125 ('98 KX125) then get this bike? Of course i will need to come up with about 3 grand to make up for what i dont get selling the kx, but is it worth it? i ride fast powerlines and technical trails, as well as a bit of MX track.

I have an 04 CRF450. Best bike in the world IMO. If I were you I wouldn't hesitate. Make sure to check the year, sounds like a bit much for an 03.

Good Luck

i think im gonna be getting a 450R! :naughty: if the bike is still around once the 125 sells...

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