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Hello all,

This is my first post in the KLX forum and I have some questions for you gurus. I will start with a informal intro to myself. I am 30, male, 6 foot, 200lbs. I have very little dirt experience except for riding a few time growing up as a young man. I have spent the last 4 year riding on the road. 3 years on a SV650s and about a year on a yamaha FZ1. My wife and I are expecting and I have had several close calls on the street bike so I decided I need to be around for my kid and maybe take a step back from the road bikes. The FZ1 sold yesterday and I have been keeping my eyes open for a KLX300R. I have a friend who rides one that loves it. I thought it would be a good bike to get into the dirt world. I don't plan on doing any MX mostly trails and fire roads etc..... so I am going to have to figure out how to get it plated. Anyway to my questions. I found one locally and I wanted to see what you guys thought. Its a 03 that he is asking $3299 for. He says it is completely stock and that he is selling it cause its a little to big for him. However it has 2k miles on it. Is that a fair amount of miles for a 03? I thought maybe it seemed a little high. My other questions revolve around what to look for problem wise. Any tips or comments you could give me on that would be great. I have a general understanding of bikes cause I wrenched some on my street bikes. Nothing hardcore but I did basic maintenance on them. Anyway thanks for your time and thumpertalk looks like a great place to find info.


I think I would be asking how often it was ridden and where to determine if the 2k miles are accurate. That seems like an awful lot of miles for an 03 model if it's been trail ridden only. Not to say that it can't be done, but if the guy says it was only ridden occasionally, it should make you question the milage.

Look at all the obvious stuff like overall condition, check the oil, look for signs of leaks, or neglect.

At your size and weight, you'll definately want to replace the springs on both ends to match you and your riding style.

The price seems pretty good if the bike is very good condition. Check Kelly Blue Book and Cycle Tradder online to determine price point. I see bikes all over the price range, but it depends on what's been done and the overall condition. I bought my 02' used in the later part of 02' for 3800 but the bike came with a SuperTrapp exahaust, Moose Hand Guards, a Skid Plate, and some other stuff as well as a pair of boots, pants, and jersey. The guy I bought it from was getting out of riding all together.

My bike was pretty close to show room condition when I bought it so I was satisfied with the condition.

In my opinion, $3,200 sounds about right for an 03'. I think I just saw an 03' on E-bay for about the same price.

I'm not sure about the milage though. I bought an 01' last year for $2,500. It only has a trip odometer, but I would guess that it couldn't have had more than a few hundred miles on it. It still looked new. I have only put maybe 200 miles on it and it has scratches all over it now. :naughty:

I'm 5-7, 150lbs so the KLX suits me fine. For your size and weight you may want to consider a bigger (taller) bike such as a TTR, WR, etc. Try sitting on a few bikes.. and remember it's not necessary to have your feet completely on the ground.

Im only 14 and have a klx 300 and its about to be a 340 and i love it. It is a 96 and is in very good condition and i ride all the time i even race it in the STORM series. I have done well on it this year.

Yo RipxTT, were you on the FZ1 Owners Association site? I'm there as jrex. I have an 02 FZ1 and I'm thinking hard about trading mine straight-up to a dealer for a new 05 KLX300.

Yeah I remeber allot of your posts Jrex. I was RipxFZ over there for the last year or so. More of a lurker on that board. Dont think I broke over 100 posts. I am looking for a used KLX300 at this point. First dirtbike I will have owned. So I want something I can some what man handle like my sv650. It was very easy to ride and felt light in comparison to the FZ1. I know I am gonna miss the FZ1 but after loosing cyclenerd (local guy I knew out here in washington on the fz1oa board) the street hasnt looked the same. All those crazy cagers just seem out to get ya. Now it will just be me for the most part out to get myself. :naughty:. Anyway good luck in your search and keep me posted on what you get, I will do the same.


yeah, I rememebr when cyclenerd (I'd rather be riding than not) went down. It shook me and I never knew him. I traded a few emails with him and he got some good barbs in on me a few times good-naturedly. I was reading just yesterday on the FZ site where some of the guys (even RoadRashed) are thinking about giving it up for awhile or just doing track days. For different reasons, risks.....more cops pulling over any biker....lowered speed limit on The Dragon and Cherahola (30MPH!!) making it no fun.

I'm thinking of leaving the street due to idiot cagers, going through rear tires every 4000 miles, insurance. There's a dealer near me who is almost willing to trade his brand new 05 KLX300 for my 02 FZ1 w/23000 miles on it. He wants to see my bike again so I'll take it by in the next day or so. good luck in your search. I just saw an 05 KLX300 somewhere in the sale section here. let me know how it goes.....jrex

travis your bike SUCKS :naughty::naughty:

Brewster and Bill can verify this, but I don't think the ACR had been changed by the factory in 2003. If not, you will want to have the ACR modified by Brewster. Do a search in this forum for all the ACR posts for specifics. Check out Planet KLX web site for the free mods. Although you are new to dirt riding, you will quickly want a bit more snap from the engine. As you have probably noticed from reading previous posts here, those of us who ride KLX's get hooked. They are a great trail bike.

I just got plates for my bike, but Ariz is notoriously easy at this point. Check your state's requirements and check out Baja Designs for street legal equip. Because I'm in AZ I was able to get everything together with parts from local bike shops, Pep Boys and Walmart for a fraction of a Baja Designs kit.

Brewster and Bill can verify this, but I don't think the ACR had been changed by the factory in 2003. If not, you will want to have the ACR modified by Brewster. Do a search in this forum for all the ACR posts for specifics. .

Kawi finally changed the ACR setting some where late in the 2002 model year.

Ride on


Thanks Eric23 for the info. Also thanks for clarifying the year brewster. What do you and Bill think of my original post questions? The more input I can get the better. Thanks for all your time KLXers


If you are planning on doing much riding on the roads, maybe another bike would fit you better. With stock gearing, the KLX is topped out around 70mph. But, if you plan to stay off road most of the time, the KLX should work well for you AFTER you change the fork springs ($100.). The other mods that are frequently mentioned here will come as you get used to the bike and riding the trails. The valve problem usually starts showing up around 3,000 miles.

Check the same things that you would for the street bikes, chain, sprockets, tires, dings on the under side of the bike, etc. You may have a little room to haggle in the price.

Good Luck

Ride on


Thanks for your reply Brewster. It will be 90% off road. Just want to be able to ride some gravel roads up where I go camping and be legal. I know a guy that does enduros and those sound kind of fun to me. Will need a plate for that also. Once again thanks


I'm 185lbs and the best things I did to my KLX were the header, a pumper carb, and some fork springs. Power and more balanced suspension. You will want these so factor it in. :naughty:

RipxTT, the price sounds a little high to me. Especially for stock. I wouldn't necessarily want a stock bike. I'd rather have one that someone else has dumped $$ into. You'll eventually need to address suspension issues. For Dual Sport info, check out the DS forum on the TT site. Good info for getting your bike plated in your state. Like Bruce said before. The ACR was changed sometime mid year 2002.

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