Looking for some motivation

I have this desire to build a safe supercross type track for average riders of all ages in my area. We have several tracks, but all have gone to the "sick air" side of the sport. We seem to be hurting more and more riders with these track designs that cater to the younger daredevil types. Many of these injured "average" riders do not return to the sport.

I believe that there is a segment of our local riding population that would truly benefit from learning to ride on such a track, and that it would be successful. My problem is that when I start factoring in all of the work that is required to pull of a venture of this type, I get sort of discouraged and end up putting it on the back burner. A big part of me really wants to do this, and I think that I could really create something nice for the "average" adult riders, and kids in this area.

Anybody got a bottle of "motivation juice" that they can share? I need a gulp or two..............:naughty:

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