changing exhaust back to stock {what jetting}?

99 yzf 400 has an fmf on it way to loud,,, just got a cheap stock exhaust, im around sea level,,, dont know whats in the carb yet havent takin it apart,, any good basics on what main, pilot needle clip and if i should run a different needle? runs good now just WAY to loud i dont mind :naughty: but other might :naughty: thanks

How about putting on the Q from FMF? Here in CA it passes the sound test on my 1998.

I can give you the jetting specs from my manual if that will help, or the specs at where I have mine jetted now. I had the 4squared FMF on there, and did not have to make any changes going to the Q

let me know,


yeah i was looking at that,, was just trying to go as cheap as possible :naughty: figured i could get an even swap for the price of my fmf tot he stocker on ebay but im goign to look into that q some more thanks!!

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