Need opinion on sprocket change for 450X to change gear ratio

I rode my 450X on Sunday and found myself between gears allot. It was upper 2nd to lower 3rd so I am thinking on a sprocket change. I have to shift down out of 3rd for corners and thought if 2nd was taller I could stay in it longer and not get to 3rd where I ride most in the twisty sections. I have a 12t front that I have not installed and have read that a 12t front is not good for chain?

So my thought is going from 51t rear to 49t rear, the 450X seems to have plenty of power for my riding skill level. Do you think the 49t rear will give me enough difference in speed to stay out of 3rd. If I go to a riding area that is tighter I can put the 12t front on and it would then be a little lower than stock. This sounds good but will it work well in the real world.

Your knowledgable opinion is wanted. :naughty:

49 will gear u up , if u want more punch without the bog go to a 52 rear and leave the 14 front ,that will gear u down ,and u can hold 3rd, it really made a difference on mine , i had the same issue coming out of corners, the rear change and the Boysen accelerator pump fixed everything , im very happy with the results

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