In need all you 450 riders advice

Guys im making the jump from the 2-smoke to a thumnper and am leaning toward a 450. Like all two strokes, my 1994 YZ 250 was snappy as hell once that powerband kicked in and screams as well as it performs mid to top range.

Its just now that sadly (for me anyways :naughty: ) two strokes are fading away and swiching to a thumper is probaly a better bet than getting another two-smoke. Anyways i was just wondering what all you experienced riders have to say about me making the jump to a YZ450f and how my riding style will have to change. I currently weigh 170 lbs and am about 5' 11". The only catch is ive only been riding for a little over a year and a half. So can you all please tell me what you all think.

Happy Riding

Its just now that sadly (for me anyways :naughty: ) two strokes are fading away and swiching to a thumper is probaly a better bet than getting another two-smoke.

? how do you figure? i'd get another 2-stroke while they're still available.

If your buying new wait 6 mos. for the new alum frame thump-de-dump. :naughty:

Speaking from a third person point of view --

My friend went from a built-to-all-heck KX250 to a brand new CRF450R. He loves it and won't ever go back. According to him, it's got more power than the KX, but it's also easier to use. It has also improved his riding abilities. (Those are his words ... I'm a firm believer that ability is all in the rider).

I have also rode pingers all my life. When I bought my 05 YZ450F, I only bought it because they didn't have a YZ250 in stock (impulse buy). I hate to say it but, I really love having a performance thumper. I never have to worry about the power not being there if I need it. I did have to change my riding style a bit, I tend to grab for my clutch more than I need to. I think that the biggest change is getting used to the power delivery, and not using the clutch as much. They are a little more complicated to work on but it's not bad if you take your time and follow the manual. Oh and the best part, not having to buy premix all the time. and the power, the power is good too :naughty:

I'd suggest get a 2 stroke while you can. 12/31/05 is the last build date for ones that will be grandfathered from the EPA's upcoming restrictions against riding them in just about all situations ex. competition use. I expect people will miss them a lot more once they're not as readily available.

Thumpers are great, but 2 smokes have their advantages as well....just ask RC, Chad, and Bubba.

The yz450f is my first choice I have a 04 its the fastest of the 450's the 05 is a little easyer to ride . I have tested the 04 and 05 crf450's they ride great but,

Im a yamaha guy and they have been suporting me when needed .

Hmmmmm, haven't seen anything that states that the manufacturers are going to completely stop making two strokes. Just isn't going to happen!

We had an open practice in Anchorage this past weekend. The majority of the racers in the state were there. By my calculations a full 70% of riders up here who got new bikes this year were on '05 two strokes. Those who got 4 strokes were older riders or those who couldn't obtain a two stroke cause they were sold out.

Two strokes are alive and well.

Riding a four stroke is so much more forgiving. I feel they track in a straight line better, are harder to get deflected on square faced whoops but are much harder to jump comfortably (compared to a two stroke). The higher mass of the motor's internals and their gyroscopic effect is quite a bit different in the air than a two stroke. You want to be very careful to have the clutch pulled in when locking up the rear tire in the air. Lots more torque, you can ride them a gear higher that you "feel" you should be in, and that usually results in fewer shifts per lap and your lap times drop. Lugging it through corners and then turning the throttle to it's stop and not having to use the clutch are something you will become more familiar with.

They are less abrupt, hook-up better on hard-pack and are much easier to slide through flat bermless corners.

Just my observations.

don't be surprised if you get a thumper and then a year later find yourself wanting a new 2-smoke.

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