acct failure on an 04 "s"

Has anyone had a acct failure on their 05 "s". I was thinking about changing it out fir a bitech mcct. Need more info on 05 failures.

thanks :naughty::naughty:

as in the year 2005? :naughty::D:D .. I bit soon for that :naughty:

The 2005 MY DRZ uses the same ACCT as the 2003, 2004. It is a third design unit. It has not failed that we have seen ON A DRZ But has failed on other motors.

Complete failure, that allows the valve train to come in to contact with the piston is but one issue with the ACCT. I and others also believe the ACCT places too much pressure on the chain, and that extra tension cause excessive stretch.

Just replace it. It's cheap enough and one less thing to worry about.

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