not the "best" pipe, but the one with....

what after market exhaust system will give me the most power gains?

how does the FMF Titanium 4 compare in HP to the Factory 4?

which pipe gives the most HP gains?

The Ti4 and Factory 4 are pretty much identical other than the bling level. I don't know exactly which system will produce the most peak, but the complete Ti4/F4 with the power bomb header is close, and has one of the widest, flattest curves of the lot.

I agree with grayracer.

so get a Facotry 4? what about the Titanium 4, i love how loud it is

i love my Ti4

FMF or ProCircut? what about the FMF Titanium 4?

Is the Ti4 really worth the $800 to you? :naughty: I would rather pay less for the aluminum or stainless steal then all that money for titanium that you could mash on a crash. Also the Dr. D makes great power and is pretty loud too form what I heard and at 1/2 the price. has the aluminum White Brothers full exhaust for $350. It is like the carbon pro only aluminum. Also check ebay, I got a complete CHM exhaust for $255.

wicked, the White Bros have an exhaust system for 350? thats wicked, wicked!

i have both fmf systems, one on my 01 and one on my 05, i really like the factory4, it is about the same as the titanium but still better....

well if u got a wr250f than can i sugjest a yoshimura

I went riding last week with a kid on a RMZ250F that had the Yosh full system on it. Let me tell you this, it was LOUD. When he would go past it actually hurt my ears. But the pipe did have the bling factor going for it, if you are into that.

i am in for that. anyway, i think i'll get the dr.d or the FMF Ti-4. Thanks guys.

How loud id the DR.D?

FMF or ProCircut? what about the FMF Titanium 4?

the FMF, i have it. its a great pipe.

If that doesn't work hit it with a semi-truck.

If that doesn't work hit it with a semi-truck.

a little off topic but OK :)

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